Managing the Safety of Medical Personnel During Radiological Procedures

Should I take the dosimeter with me if I also work at another facility?

Have a separate dosimeter provided by other facilities, rather than taking the dosimeter outside of the facility.

The purpose of dose management is to manage the safety of personnel involved with radiation within the given facility. The exposure dose levels from other facilities cannot be simply added. Therefore, be sure to do the following three things before working at other facilities. Have the other facilities include your name on their list of personnel working with radiation, have the other facilities provide a dosimeter for managing your personal exposure dose, and have the person in charge of radiation work provide information about regulations for preventing radiation at each facility.

Each person working at a separate facility should determine their own exposure dose at other facilities and add the doses to their exposure dose at the main facility where they are employed. If the cumulative dose exceeds the dose limit, consult the radiation manager at the main facility to implement measures for reducing radiation exposure, such as by making adjustments to where the person works or based on specialized information gathered about the exposure dose from each procedure at all facilities, for example.