Managing the Safety of Medical Personnel During Radiological Procedures

Should I step outside the room to perform portable radiography?

No, there is no need to leave the patient's room.

Due to the relatively low amounts of radiation used during radiography, standing about 1.5 m away from the radiation provides more than adequate exposure reduction. At a distance of about 2 m, the radiation is difficult to even detect using a cumulative ionization chamber type dosimeter. If radiography is unexpectedly started during hospital rounds, stand in the corner in the case of small private rooms or about 1.5 to 2 m away in larger rooms. If you are busy with another patient, the exposure level will not be high even if you stay where you are. If the patient needs assistance during radiography, protective clothing should be worn, but putting on the clothing after entering the room could offend a patient that feels resigned about receiving a radiological examination. Therefore, to be considerate of patient feelings, improve your bedside manner by putting on protective clothing under a lab coat before entering the room, for example.