Managing the Safety of Medical Personnel During Radiological Procedures

Should I be reassigned from involvement in radiological procedures while I am trying to get pregnant?

Clearly discuss your desire to be reassigned from radiological procedures with your supervisor.

Gonads must receive at least 4,000 to 6,000 milli grays of radiation exposure before radiation affects fertility. That is comparable to the dose used during radiotherapy. About 80 % of medical personnel experience almost no radiation exposure. Therefore, confirm your own exposure dose level and make sure it is sufficiently low. After becoming pregnant, radiation exposure to the fetus is controlled to the same standards as for the general public. Therefore, the exposure dose to the fetus is managed by managing the exposure dose to pregnant medical personnel involved in radiation.

If you are a supervisor and are asked by your subordinate to reassign her from working with radiation because she is trying to become pregnant, cautiously ask her what the true background reason is for the request, such as family wishes, and then respond in a manner that is not only based on scientific fact, but that also does not cause her psychological stress.