Essential Knowledge in Nuclear Power Disasters

Evacuation Preparations

Cautions when formulating evacuation plans for local residents

When formulating specific plans for the evacuation of local residents, impress on the local residents repeatedly that the procedures are essentially the same as for evacuation after any other disaster. However, if the evacuation is taking place in an environment contaminated by radioactive substances, it is advantageous to wear a mask and a light plastic raincoat with a hood. Pamphlets and fliers with this information should be created by each municipality, circulated through neighborhood associations, and distributed to participants during training drills, enabling people to prepare the specific items required.
Note that if a stable iodine tablet is not available, people may want to know whether consuming kelp or seaweed is effective, or whether using a mouthwash is effective. Explain that these foods cannot be expected to have a comparable effect to stable iodine tablets, that the use of a mouthwash can sometimes cause people to become ill (even pharmaceutical manufacturers appealed to people not to use them after the Fukushima nuclear accident), and that they should be careful not to accidentally drink the mouthwash.