Essential Knowledge in Nuclear Power Disasters

Decontamination Methods

If decontamination is not performed correctly, the contamination will spread.

When handling radioactive substances, contamination refers to a situation in which radioactive substances have unintentionally adhered to locations, equipment, the human body, or to clothing. Decontamination refers to the removal of the radioactive substances adhering to these. The basic principle behind decontamination methods for people is to rinse away the radioactive substances adhering to the human body. Flush them with water in the same way as when cleaning wounds. At this point, have methods in place to collect the flow of rinse water. Though inconvenient, make an effort to soak up the cleaning solution with water absorbent pads, and to collect it in plastic bottles or other containers at hand. If water is not available, or a jacket or other clothing that is difficult to soak with water has been contaminated, an effective approach is to wipe away the contamination using disposable wet wipes. An important point when wiping away contamination is that once an area has been wiped clean, do not wipe it again with the same tissue or cloth.