Essential Knowledge in Nuclear Power Disasters

Response for Patients Who May Have Been Exposed to a Large Dose of Radiation

The standard for triage is 1.0 gray.

Prodromal Symptom as a Function of Exposure Dose

The standard for triage is 1.0 gray. With large exposures, prodromal symptoms occur as noted in the table. If there are no symptoms, it can be confirmed that the exposure amount was less than 2.0 gray. At 1.0 gray or less, special measures are not required, as reversible myelosuppression does not occur. Even if a patient has been exposed, carry out the appropriate decontamination, and continue treatment at a general health facility. Even if it is anticipated that a patient has been exposed to 2.0 gray or higher, which can have severe results, there will be a latency interval of at least 2 to 3 days before symptoms manifest. Take all necessary measures and keep a cool head before transferring the patient to a specialist medical facility during this latency period.