Essential Knowledge in Nuclear Power Disasters

Distribution of Stable Iodine Tablets

A stable iodine tablet is only effective in a limited number of cases.

Effects of the Administration of a Stable Iodine Tablet

A stable iodine tablet is administered with the objective of reducing the exposure to the thyroid when contamination by radioactive iodine has occurred. However, the timing of the administration is important. Also, depending on the situation, there can be side effects from the iodine tablet. The important thing is to quickly formulate evacuation measures suited to the peculiarities of the region, such as a steep topography or a high percentage of elderly inhabitants. The distribution of stable iodine tablets should be considered one of a number of countermeasures, and should be introduced in a manner suited to the local residents in each region.
The most important thing during an evacuation is to decide on the necessity of the evacuation with a cool head. The difficulty of gathering information is heightened in the midst of a confusing situation. However, if houses and hospitals are available, taking shelter indoors is the most important safety measure in terms of radiation protection. These decisions are difficult, so it is best to run simulations repeatedly during training, as a means to acquire the relevant experience.