We are health care professionals long involved in radiological examination and treatment mainly in the Kyoto area.
Our members consist of medical practitioners, radiological technologists, specialists in medical radiation protection, and researchers in the field of radiobiology. We routinely use radiation in order to contribute to the health of our patients. Starting in 2012, we formed a team, and worked together with the objective of conveying basic information about radiation. From the results of this, we have created a variety of e-Learning materials, as well as booklets and educational manga (Japanese cartoons). We hope that you will use them at home, at school, and at work, and that they will serve as materials for understanding and making judgments about the topic in your own words.

Kazuko Ohno, Kyoto College of Medical Science

Research team

Kazuko Ohno : Kyoto Medical Collage of Sciences

Team members(Syllabary order)
Hiroshi Utsumi : Health Research Foundation
Yutaka Emoto : Kyoto Medical Collage of Sciences
Akira Ohtsuru : Fukushima Medical University
Chio Okuyama : Shiga Medical Center for Adults
Norihiko Kamikonya : Hyogo College of Medicine
Fujio Kayama : Jichi Medical University
Toru Kikuchi : Japan Association on Radiological Protection in Medicine
Seiichi Nakamura : Health Research Foundation
Masatoshi Hasegawa : Nara Medical University
Tatuya Higashi : National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Society and Technology
Miho Fujieda : Osaka Medical University
Naoto Fujinami : Atmosheric Environment Division, Kyoto Prefectural Institute of Public Health and Environment
Hosoba Minoru : Kyoto Medical Collage of Sciences
Hokuto Hoshi : The Hoshi General Hospital
Satoru Matuo : Kyoto Medical Collage of Sciences
Tomoharu Mori : Kyoto University Hospital・Department of Primaru Care&Emergency Medicine

Collaborators・Adviser(Syllabary order)
Kazuo Awai : Sakakibara Heart Institute Radiation unit
Shiraishi Kunio : National Institute of Radiological Sciences  Internal exposure Evaluation Office
Yuji Nakamoto : Department of Primaru Care&Emergency Medicine
Katsunori Miyata : Shiga University of Medical Science Hospital
Yamaguchi Ichiro : National Institute of Public Health Living Environment Research Department